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They carried her zoophilia art into the palace and down several flights to a dungeon of sorts. It was empty, and not at all what she expected. Instead of several cages made to torture prisoners, it had a single, room-sized cage at one end with chains inside, and several other devices. There was a large table filled with smaller things that Violet wondered at. She had heard tales of these things. They were commonly known as "sex toys", small machines that worked by magic, and were used to train and torture sex slaves and make them submit. She saw one laying on the table that looked like a long, slim tube with a rounded tip and a knob on the opposite end. There was also a whip, a flogger, and a riding crop, amid various other things she didn't recognize. She saw a device that reminded her of a cross, except that it was shaped more like a "t" that had had it's bottom cut and spread. She supposed it was so someone could be locked there, spread eagle, and unable to escape.

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